January 11, 2024 Minutes

Stockton Match Club

Executive Board Meeting Minutes




West Lane Bowl


January 11, 2024


11:33 am


Hank Arias




Thursday, January 11, 2024


11:33 Start … All officers in attendance


Meeting Attendance:

First meeting with newly elected officers.

President ... Hank Arias

Vice President ... Ron Taylor

Secretary ... Angel-Marie Thomas

Treasurer ... Charles Carr

Matchmaker/Tournment Director ... Kathie Medeiros

Sargeant-at-arms ... Fred Campbell


Old business ... nothing to report.


Treasurer report:  Spreadsheet to report -- balance report -- handed out to board members.

Running record of win/loss of matches ... monetary $$ also fines, games for home matches.

Charles will file taxes.

$200 for each charity ... WL Youth PAB, Youth and Veterans.

All approved.

Treasurer report:  Motion Ron Taylor

2nd Fred Campbell

All in favor.


Tournament Report:

36 members in club.

Eliminate Vacaville from matches.

Leave 2 lanes open for breakdown and make your mark.

Ron will bring suppplies

Adjourn:  12:05 ;m