September 2, 2023 Minutes

Stockton Match Club

Executive Board Meeting Minutes




West Lane Bowl


September 2, 2023


10:00 am


Ron Taylor




Attendance:        President:  Ron Taylor

                                Vice President:  Angel Marie Thomas

                                Secretary:  Angel Marie Thomas

                                Matchmaker:  Kathie Medeiros

                                Treasurer:  Edna Williams

                                Sergeant-at-arms:  Hank Arias


Old business:     Discussion


Treasurer Report:  New checks are in.  $9,314.93 balance, seed money discussed.  Pending $302.77

                                Ron turned in $20

                                Treasurer report ended


Secretary Re0port:  Read by Kathie Medeiros of August, opening of new account.  And debit cards

                                Issued to President Ron Taylor and Edna Williams.  Signers are above including

                                Secretary Angel Marie Thomas.


Matchmaker Report:  Two postponements of recent matches which have been re-scheduled.  Early

                                Line-up approved.  Let bowlers know when other clubs postpone or cancel and be



New business:  Getting USBC card.  Motion made by Ron Taylor to have USBC cards for Match.  Second

                                By Edna Williams.  Approved.  Need to educate bowlers etiquette.  Discuss upcoming

                                Tournament.  Change grocery gift card to gift card.  Have table in back for raffles during

                                Home matches.


Adjournment:   10:55 am motion made by Hank Ariad 2nd Kathie Medeiros


Next Meeting:    Thursday, September 7th after league.