Feb 2023 Minutes

Meeting Minutes, February 4, 2023
Call to Call to Order by Steve Stoffel, President
The meeting was called to order at 11:07 a.m.
Roll Call by Ron Taylor, Sergeant-at-Arms
Officers: Steve Stoffel, Kathie Medeiros, Cecilia Williams, Ron Taylor, Vic Kay
Members: Charles Carr, Ina Davies, Jim Fernandez, JoDee Fish, Emma Rafael, Angel-Marie Thomas, Gary Watje, Edna 
Minutes for Approval by Cecilia Williams, Secretary
The Minutes of the last meeting on January 7, 2023, were sent to members for review. 
The reading of the Minutes was waived by the majority present. Motion to approve the Minutes by Angel-Marie 
Thomas, seconded by JoDee Fish. Minutes were approved by majority consent.
The Minutes will soon be posted on our website. Go to Resources then to Minutes.
Treasurer Report by Victor Kay 
The current balance at our Chase Bank account is $13,026.61 as of February 4, 2023.
Motion to approve the Treasurer’s report by Gary Watje, seconded by Angel-Marie Thomas and approved by majority 
Matchmaker Report by Steve Stoffel
The detailed individual results of the matches are not announced but listed.
January 7 – no tap, counts as a match, averages and scores do not count
January 14 vs. West Valley MC at Tracy – 2 Wins, 3 Losses
Men - Women - 
High Game: 234 Manuel Guzman 199 Patti Swope
High Series: 652 Manuel Guzman 548 Patti Swope
Most Over Game: 45 Manuel Guzman 36 Trudy Flaig 
Most Over Series: 85 Manuel Guzman 68 Emma Rafael 
January 22 vs. Gold Country MC at Grass Valley – 0 Wins, 4 Losses
Men - Women -
High Game: 210 Dwayne Giles 172 Deborah Hosam
High Series: 579 Dwayne Giles 491 Deborah Hosam
Most Over Game: 37 Dwayne Giles 18 Emma Rafael
Most Over Series: 60 Dwayne Giles 41 Emma Rafael 
January 29 vs. Oakdale MC at Modesto – 2 Wins, 2 Losses
Men - Women -
High Game: 267 John Graf 176 Patti Swope
High Series: 747 John Graf 472 Patti Swope
Most Over Game: 61 John Graf 19 Carmen Lewter
Most Over Series: 129 John Graf 1 Carmen Lewter
The Reno matches had 9 signups for May and 5 for August on the website. Not many are signed up on the website. We 
currently have 53 members. We are a traveling league. We need more players to participate in our away matches; four 
women and four anchors. Our total team averages have been high; over 700 per team thereby giving the opposing team 
a higher handicap.
West Lane has informed us that the lineage cost will be increased in September.
Tournament Chair Report by Kathie Medeiros
Super Saturday Tournament, February 11 –
We have 148 signed up. Our maximum is limited to 170 bowlers. There will be open lanes to allow for possible lane 
It is mandatory that each member contribute a $20 value raffle prize or donate $20 for the purchase of a raffle prize 
as stated in our By-Laws.
Assignments were confirmed. Helpers are requested to arrive at 10:30 a.m. for early ticket sales. Match Club shirts must 
be worn; the $5 fine will be imposed.
New tickets were displayed that make it easier to distribute. A large ticket for the ticket holder will be attached to a 
minimum of smaller tickets with the same number. There will be different colored tickets for the different games.
It was suggested that there be two payouts per game for Make Your Mark. A motion was made by Charles Carr, 
seconded by Gary Watje; approved by a majority of votes. 
New Business
Resignations: Bradleigh Strack, Andrew Maglaya
New member: John Graf approved by majority votes at the January 29 match and welcomed to our match club.
Ticket Sales/Game Assignments
1. Poker – Ron Taylor
2. Split Cash Pot/50-50 – JoDee Fish
3. Make Your Mark – Gary Watje
Drawing Winner:
Edna Williams - one month’s dues waived
Next Meeting Date: 
Saturday, March 11, 2023 – check the website for the time
Adjournment – President Steve
Motion to adjourn the meeting by Angel-Marie Thomas, seconded by Gary Watje. 
President Steve declared the meeting adjourned by majority votes at 12:19 p.m.
Cecilia Williams