April 12, 2024 Minutes

Stockton Match Club

Executive Board Meeting Minutes




West Lane Bowl


April 12, 2024


11:16 am


Hank Arias




Thursday, April 12, 2024


11:16 am Start … All officers in attendance


Meeting Attendance:

President ... Hank Arias

Vice President ... Ron Taylor

Secretary ... Angel-Marie Thomas

Treasurer ... Charles Carr

Matchmaker/Tournament Director ... Kathie Medeiros

Sargeant-at-arms ... Fred Campbell


New Business:  Matchmaker Report.  We have 24 members going to Country Club Lanes in Sacramento for their Match Club Fun Day.


Next weekend we will be hosting Clayton Valley Match Club with four teams.


New member:  Pat Noel


Membership:  40 members (we do need female bowlers) ...


Treasurer Report:  Handout was given

                           Bank balance: $10,583.65

                           Also needs someone to help bring the snacks for home matches.

                           Fred Campbell said he would help out.


Treasurer report was approved by Kathie Medeiros and 2nd by Ron Taylor.


Notables ... Drop off flyers for our July Summer Tournament at other lanes for those interested.  


Adjournment at 11:44 am was made by Charles Carr and 2nd by Kathie Medeiros.